There are generally three stages to health care: acute (pain relief), rehabilitation and wellness. In our efforts to guiding you to optimum health, we will work with you thru lifestyle coaching, supplements and other health concepts to achieve whatever stage you desire.

After leaving our clinic, not only can you leave feeling better, you’ll leave with the knowledge to keep yourself healthier on a daily basis.


Most of us experience stress of some form, whether it be physical, emotional or chemical on a regular basis. Chronic stress affects all bodily systems and negatively impacts your health. Chronic stress creates inflammation, which causes aches and pains, as well as chronic disease.

At Pro Motion Chiropractic, we believe in correcting your underlying problem to improve your health. We work with each patient to address their underlying stress levels, because effectively managing stress is a key component in managing pain and promoting wellness.


At Pro Motion Chiropractic, we know that how you spend your day contributes to how good, or how bad, you may feel and your overall health. Posture and ergonomics are key components to your health. Our goal is to not only get you out of pain, but to produce long lasting results. We offer practical solutions to improve your posture and ergonomics to improve your health and wellness.
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