Did you know that more than 80% of people will have back pain at some point in their lives, and more than half will experience neck pain? Neck and back pain can be disabling, and can lead to missed days from work, decreased productivity, high medical costs and emotional strain, among other things. There are many causes of neck and back pain, but one important cause for women can be due to wearing a purse.

The following are 8 tips to help you prevent and reduce pain caused from wearing purses.

1. Avoid heavily loaded purses. Take out unnecessary credit cards, spare change, extra lipsticks and other non-essential items.
2. Choose purses with wider straps that are adjustable.Avoid purses with narrow and long straps.
3. Instead of wearing large and heavy purses, instead opt for a small backpack to evenly put weight on both shoulders.
4. Try to switch shoulders frequently while wearing your purse to avoid muscle fatigue and overuse.
5. Try wearing a purse with a body strap to more evenly distribute the weight of the purse across your body.
6. Use the compartments of your purse to more evenly spread out the weight of your purse
7. Try to use as small of a purse as possible, and vary the size of the purses that you use.
8. Opt for purses made of lighter material, such as fabric, while avoiding heavier fabrics like leather.

Try out these purse hacks and feel your shoulder tension melt away!

Author: Courtenay Schroeder, DC
Owner & Chiropractor @ ProMotion Chiropractic

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