At Pro Motion Chiropractic, our goal is to optimize human performance by treating the body as a whole, and not the sum of it's parts. Dr. Schroeder is an experienced chiropractor servicing Charlotte and beyond; and is the trusted provider for chiropractic and sports performance in Charlotte.
The clinic focuses on providing an accurate and thorough diagnosis in combination with state of the art treatment and rehabilitation for injuries of the spine and extremities.

At Pro Motion Chiropractic, we are NOT like other chiropractic clinics. We are committed to providing chiropractic solutions to address your unique needs, whether you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica, tendonitis, pregnancy related pains or a sports injury.

Our mission is to empower, educate and encourage our Charlotte community to achieve greater health, wellness and performance by providing high quality, safe and affordable health care.



  • Patient Testamonial
    "Courtenay is hands down the best at what she does. I've seen chiropractors who are only focused on bony alignment but not her. Courtenay's approach to treating the whole body speaks volumes about her care for her patients. She is very thorough; takes her time to get to know you, what you do and what causes your pain. From there, she begins her work! She explains what she does and why she does it so that you are aware of your own plan and progress. But she doesn't stop there! Her drive to educate her patients with new stretches and exercises takes her care from her office into your home. I can't say enough about how thankful I am to have found her!"
    Patricia M.
  • Chiropractic Testamonial
    "Dr. Courtenay Schroeder is very knowledgeable, has great bedside manner, and always "puts me back together" when I do something I shouldn't have! Charlotte gained an amazing doctor, now go see her!!"
    Jamison C.
  • Chiropractic Testamonial 2
    "Dr . Courtenay takes a very open and caring approach to her patients needs and treatment plan to help get the best results for overall recovery! I met Courtenay after I hurt my back pretty bad at work and during that treatment she addressed a few other issues my body was having which once corrected improved my day to day quality of life and helped me get back to 100%! It is her amazing personality, sincere desire to help her patients and absolute professional approach that has won me as a patient that will continue to go to her whenever I have an issue and to recommended everyone I know to seek her help with their chiropractic needs!"
    Marc F.
  • Chiropractic Testamonial
    "I began seeing Dr. Schroeder two years ago after experiencing knee pain when running. She quickly found the source of the problem and began treating it with adjustments. She helped me stay ahead of the problem with regular adjustments and at-home stretches.I was able to continue running pain free! She has always been very positive, personable and professional. She takes an interest in her patients' lives and often asked about my career, family, and fitness goals. I always looked forward to my visits with Dr. Schroeder!"
    Casey D.
  • Client Testamonial
    "Courtenay was absolutely fantastic! I've never visited a Chiropractor and she was very professional, knowledgeable, and kind. I do a lot of manual labor, have migraines, was a previous martial artist - so I have hip, hand, shoulder, and neck issues. She thoroughly goes through your history to find the source of discomfort and talks you through all of the adjustments and makes sure you're comfortable. I will be visiting her a lot more often!"  
    Kayla W.
  • Testamonial
    "Dr. Schroeder has worked on my shoulder and neck in the past. I suffer from chronic pain from various sport injuries. After a few sessions, I was immediately experiencing relief from pain during nights. Nights are always the worst time for my pains. After a few weeks of sessions, I was noticing considerable strength and flexibility back in my right arm during my exercise routines and able to shoot basketball with little pain where as before I world lift and shoot with a lot of pain. Not only is she a professional who knows many ways to treat your pain / injury and who is always going to conferences to educate herself, she is very personable and easy to reach out to. I highly recommend Dr. Schroeder."
    Vick S.
  • "Courtenay's knowledge and skill as a Chiropractor has been beyond helpful for our family. Her treatments have had a tremendous positive impact my two toddlers for numerous ear infections and other ailments. Her treatments have also helped me to stay healthy through multiple pregnancies and the years after. I would recommend Courtenay to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated Chiropractor."
    Lindsay C.
  • "After over a month of knee pain while running, I finally sought out Dr. Courtenay's help and am so glad I did!!! After her adjustment and education on positioning and stretches I have been free of pain ever since--8 months later!! Her care is all-encompassing and compassionate and I highly recommend her!"
    Megan D.
  • "Dr. Courtenay truly cares about getting her patients better and works hard to understand the root of the problem. She has an infectious energy and enthusiasm that is both comforting and motivating when you are under her care and guidance. Whether you are an athlete, a mom-to-be or someone who works at a computer most the day, you will be in good hands with her unique blend of skills and clinical experiences. If I weren't on the west coast I would certainly be seeing her regularly!!!"
    Tomily T.
  • "Dr. Courtenay is the best! Very good techniques and adjustments, and very professional"
    Mike V.
  • "Such a professonal and awesome human being! Great at her job and super knowledgeable about her work! Enjoy my visits with her."
    Beth A.
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